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Jeff Kemp's Adventures in Investing

For the past 15 years Nebula Studio has video-taped ADVENTURES in INVESTING, an eight part series of Financial Lessons by Jeff Kemp, an individual investor, outlining his strategies toward achieving critical mass through his investments. The series is available on Oshkosh Community Access Television (OCMS)

If you wish to own the series on DVD download and mail the order form below. Please allow one week for delivery. The DVDs offered are each :90 minutes long and are the same program available on OCMS.

Download Order Form

If you wish to view the full episodes (100+ minutes) online, follow the link below to rent or buy the episodes.

We also have Jeff's charts available in image files which you may purchase and download for $5.95 using the button below.

Trailer for "Adventures In Investing" the series
Jeff Kemp Lessons, Learn how to avoid the pitfalls when Investing your hard earned money, a layman's approach.